Membership Details

We offer a Basic Membership, Maintenance Membership, and Concierge Membership. See details below.

  • Basic Membership

  • Maintenance Membership

  • Concierge Membership

    • All Maintenance Membership Features
    • Matriarchy Build Home Health Report
    • Quarterly 25-min online consultation with your Matriarchy Build Home Manager
    • Matriarchy Build Concierge Service (on-demand Q&A and scheduling via one point of contact)
    • Get Started for $1,200 / year
  • Maintenance + Safety

    ● Air filter replacement
    ● Water filter replacement
    ● Dryer vent cleaning
    ● Water heater maintenance
    ● Refrigerator coil vacuuming
    ● Washer/dryer cleaning and filter changes
    ● Smoke / carbon monoxide detector checks
    ● Adjust & repair cabinet hinges, replace hardware
    ● Adjust a door hinge or strike plate
    ● Outdoor sprinkler inspection
    ● Gutter inspections, seal leaking gutter seams
    ● Exterior walk-around for water / pest signs
    ● Re-stain and seal a deck
    ● Power wash small areas

  • Handy Tasks + Odd Jobs

    ● Caulking and grouting
    ● Patching a wall, paint touch-ups
    ● TV hanging and installation
    ● Furniture assembly
    ● Hanging mirrors, shelves and artwork
    ● Door and doorknob adjustment
    ● Closet adjustments
    ● Replacing door handles and changing locks
    ● Replacing light fixtures
    ● Outlet and switch replacement
    ● Fix slow sinks, running toilets
    ● Faucet replacement, inspection for leaks, aerator
    ● Smart home device installation

  • A Matriarchy Build Home Health Report is a comprehensive overview of which areas
    of your home need immediate attention – and which problems can take a backseat.
    We’ll help you make a customized action plan and prioritize your “to-do” list.

  • Your custom checklist includes:

    • Grounds + Exterior Structural Review
    • Roofing + Drainage Review
    • Attic + Basement Check
    • Safety Overview (Smoke Detectors, Extinguishers, Venting)
    • Plumbing + Water Heater Review
    • Electrical Systems Review
    • Heating + Cooling System Review
    • Appliance + Warranty Review


  • How do I request a Pro recommendation? Just email us anytime you’d like. Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll get back to you within 24-48 hours with our recommended Pros.

  • How do I book Maintenance Services? Just email us and we’ll schedule your Pro appointment
    directly with you. We’ll connect you to your Pro for a quick virtual consultation to discuss the details of your project, so your Pro can be prepared to tackle the job most efficiently when they come to your home.

  • Do I have to use my 4 hours of maintenance services in two separate appointments? What if I want to use it all at once? The time is yours to use. We recommend using your Home Maintenance time in two biannual visits but you are welcome to tackle one larger project across four hours if that’s preferable. We can coordinate and schedule accordingly.

  • What if my project runs over? If your project runs over, don’t worry, your Pro won’t leave you hanging. The online consultation in advance of your project will typically go through all the details to ensure you and your Pro are on the same page. If you need more time or have another project, additional time can be scheduled seamlessly and billed directly.

  • Who is responsible for materials? Matriarchy Build Home Maintenance Pros will cover basic materials like screws, nails, drywall anchors, caulking – along with bringing basic tools, 8 ft. ladder, power washer, etc. You are responsible for paint, grout, fixtures, or other materials specific to your home.

  • What type of maintenance and handywork can be completed? The handyperson services listed above are fairly exhaustive, but don’t hesitate to ask if there’s something specific you’re looking for. Our Home Maintenance Pros do not tackle complicated plumbing or electrical beyond swapping light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, or installing smart devices.

  • How do I get a Home Health Report? Both Basic and Maintenance Members have access to our Home Health Report. Just email us and we’ll get you scheduled.